Brotherhood  Santa María Magdalena

Paso Miguel Arcángel Jumilla


In 2003, the General Assembly, being president Mr. Delfín Blázquez, approved the fulfilment of a new paso, San Miguel Arcángel, for the Sunday of Resurrection. Afterwards, under the presidence of Mr. Juan Antonio Lila, it is ordered its fulfilment to the Sevillan sculptor  Mr. José Mª Leal Bernáldez. San Miguel marched for the first time in the 2009 Easter, being president Mr. Francisco González, and as representative of the paso, Mrs. Dolores Gil Tomás.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.

Tunic  Miguel Arcángel Jumilla


Of navy blue velvet with golden cord, a same colour hood, it carries embroidered in gold a passionflower under the mask, which is the Brotherhood’s emblem since its foundation. A pearl-grey velvet cape.


The standard: it was realised by the Jumilla’s couturier Mrs. Ana López García, in moiré with applications of navy blue velvet edged with golden threads that draw a big cross. In the middle, it stands out an oil of San Miguel painted by the sculptor of the image.

Poles: they were realised in the Workshops of Arnelio Serrano from Riópar, in bronze and they are finished off like the standard, with the Latin inscription “Quis Sicut Deus”.


It represents the victory of the good over the bad, symbolising the Arcángel San Miguel defeating with his spear to Satan, embodied in the dragon under his feet.


A sculptor and a religious images maker settled in Sevilla, José María Leal Bernáldez was born in the capital of Seville on the 15th November 1978, he learnt this profession with Francisco Berlanga from Ávila (a Francisco Buiza’s disciple).


Realised in royal cedar wood by the Sevillan carver Mr. Julián Sánchez Medina.

Standard  San Miguel Arcángel Jumilla


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