Confraternity La Oración del Huerto

Paso Cruz Triunfante Jumilla


It was incorporated as a section of the Association San Juan Apóstol y Jesús Resucitado for the Resurrection Sunday’s Procession in 1959, being its first president Mr Juan Martínez Vicente. During its first years, the paso consisted in a solitary cross with flowers garlands. In 1972 it is ordered to the Murcian sculptor Mr. José Lozano Roca to make a new paso for replacing that simple Cross. In 1992 it passed to take part of the Confraternity La Oración del Huerto.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.

Tunic  Paso Cruz Triunfante Jumilla


Of purple velvet and a lilac velvet cape, with a silvery lamé sash. Black velvet hood which carries embroidered in silver the Passion’s Holy Chalice, the Brotherhood’s emblem.


The standard: it is mounted on white velvet, it appears a Cross in the centre, embroidered in gold, made by the Jumilla’s needlewoman Mrs. Isidora Navarro Cutillas according to a dessign by the brother and Honour President Mr Francisco Canicio.


It represents the allegorical moment of Victory and the Cross’ Triumph for Jesús’ death on it. It is symbolised by an Angel who carries and lifts a Cross. It is one of the last works by Lozano Roca, considering that he dies that same year of the paso’s premiere in Jumilla.


It is a work by the Murcian sculptor of religious images José Lozano Roca in 1972. Among his more important works are the Beniel’s Soledad, the Cristo de la Agonía, the Totana’s Virgen de la Esperanza, the Mula’s Soledad, the Requena’s Oración del Huerto (1949), and the Jumilla’s Samaritana and Virgen Gloriosa.


It is of natural wood with bronze adornments on its corners made by the workshop of Mr Juan Lorente.

Standard  Paso Cruz Triunfante


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