Confraternity Santo Costado de Cristo

Paso Santa Cena Jumilla


Being president Mr Juan Tomás Fernández, it is ordered to the Valencian sculptor Mr. Manuel Biot the realization of this paso that walks for the first time in the Holy Wednesday evening in 1975.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.

Tunic  Paso Santa Cena Jumilla


Of white wool, black velvet sash embroidered in golden thread with the Brotherhood three crosses. Red velvet cape embroidered in golden thread and black velvet hood with golden fringes.


The standard: a design by Mr José Tévar. Realised in 2000 in the embroidery workshops of Mr Francisco Franco. Embroidered in gold on red velvet. Silversmithing adornment by workshops Aragón. In the middle, a painting to oil by Bartolomé Medina, depicting Christ in the moment of the Eucharist.

The trumpets: of silversmithing in silvery metal by the workshops Casa Orrico from Valencia. The finery embroidered in gold and gemstones on black velvet, in the workshops of Mrs Consuelo Escámez from Cartagena (1970).


It represents the last supper of Jesús. In both sides of the table it is ready the twelve figures of the apostles in different attitudes. Presiding the table, the serene image of Jesús dividing the bread.


Manuel Biot Rodrigo (1975).
Restoration: Emilio Tudanca Ruiz, born in Burgos and settled in Madrid, he founds in the 20’s a sculpture workshop. Talleres Tudanca, which are in charge of the restoration of the paso and the substitution of the polychromy, restoring in first place the image of Judas, that walks already restored in the Holy Wednesday procession in 1998.


Is ordered to Mr Francisco Sánchez Cárceles from Artesanía Carsa, Yecla. Realised in vaporised beech wood, carrying the Confraternity’s symbols and the Eucharist motives. The new throne walks for the first time in Jumilla in the Easter of 1999.

Standard  Santa Cena Jumilla


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