Confraternity  Nuestra Señora del Primer Dolor

Paso Virgen Primer Dolor Jumilla


Founded in 1875 by Mr. José Spuche Ibáñez, the brotherhood walked with an image attributed to Salzillo and which was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. In 1941 it walks for the first time with the image by Sánchez Lozano that is ordered by the president and waiter of the brotherhood Mr. Eduardo Cañizares Spuche, in replacement of which was destroyed. The brotherhood is reorganised in 1971, making new tunics. In 1992 it forms the Confraternity El Primer Dolor together with La Unción de Jesús en Betania and La Virgen Gloriosa.


Canonically erected in the Salvador’s Church.

Tunic  Primer Dolor Jumilla


Of white cotton with cuffs in blue, cape and hood of also blue velvet. On the cape, it shows off the emblematic Confraternity’s shield.


The standard:of blue velvet embroidered in golden thread, in the workshop of Isidora Navarro from Jumilla (1999). Central oil by Bartolomé Medina, with the image of the Virgen.

Crown:decorated with twelve stars and settings of semiprecious stones, made in silvery metal.


It represents the Virgin, with her glance towards heaven, broken by pain, when She is informed of the Capture of her Son.


It is a work by the sculptor Mr. José Sánchez Lozano, born in Pilar de la Horadada on the 16th April 1904, he was a disciple of Planes with who worked in Madrid; he studied in the Fine Arts School in Barcelona. He is the mentor of the Murcian Imagery from 1940 to 1960 and he specialised in restorations of works by Mr. Francisco Salzillo and Mr. Roque López, making a huge number of works for Murcia and bordering provinces.


Of carved and golden wood, of Murcian Baroque style, it consists of two bodies perfectly defined. The base is of golden wood, from where it emerges four candelabra of three lights, on the corners of the small basket, other four candelabra of seven lights.

Standard  Virgen Primer Dolor


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