Brotherhood La  Vera Cruz y Santo Sepulcro

Paso del Santo Sepulcro Jumilla


It was a section of the former Confraternity La Vera Cruz, founded in the 16th century. In 1609 it is already talked about the Santo Entierro’s procession in Good Friday, with the statues of a Cristo Yacente and a Virgen Dolorosa. In the 19th century, and under the presidency of Mr. Pedro Luis Pérez de los Cobos y Belluga, nazarenes used to dress with black velvet tunics, wearing crosses and lanterns.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.

Tunic  Santo Sepulcro Jumilla


it is of white wool, with a double-arm cross embroidered in black; adhered with a silk cord in the same colour and hood of black velvet.


Cross Guide: excellent piece of silvery metal, the main motives: The Christ, the small chubby angels, the brightness and the angels, all made in gilded silver.
Made by Orfebrería Peris from Valencia in 1942.

Horns: embossed silver, made in Orfebrería Peris from Valencia. The gala clothes are embroidered in gold and silks.


It represents the moment of the Holy Funeral of Jesus. Previously it walked in a bell jar of carved and golden wood.


The current statue is by the Murcian religious images sculptor José Planes Peñalver, who made it in 1942.
The restoration: made in 2001 by the Jumilla’s sculptor Mariano Spiteri Sánchez, for restoring cracks and damages in polychromes, with a excellent final result.


It is made in golden wood, with an elevated platform where is placed the statue of the Recumbent Jesus. Adorned with four bronze lanterns, the window panes are decorated with black crosses; in the middle of the four sides it carries carved medallions with Passion symbols.

Standard Santo Sepulcro Jumilla


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