Royal Confraternity Jesús Nazareno

Paso Cristo Cinco Llagas Jumilla


The Brotherhood is founded with the name of Santísimo Cristo de las Cinco Llagas in remembrance of the ancient and disappeared Convento de las Llagas de San Francisco.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.

Tunic Cinco Llagas Jumilla


Of black wool with sash, it is embroidered in nuanced silks in yellow tonalities, with allusive motives to the Cinco Llagas de Cristo, remembering to San Francisco and the star of Santo Domingo, both allusive to the Cristo de las Cinco Llagas and to the Virgen del Rosario. In the chest it has embroidered the Confraternity’s shield.


The standard: according to a design by Mr. José Tévar García in 1990, it is premiered in 1994. It is of a very classic and traditional cut. On black velvet, it carries in the centre an oil by the school from Cuzco (Perú).


Composed by two images, they represents the previous moment of the Descent from the Cross. At the rear part of the cross, the stairway rests for the descent of Jesús, at the left there is a washbasin with a towel for the cleaning of the corpse and completing the group, María Santísima del Rosario, at her knees waiting to hold in her arms her Son’s body.


It is about a carving by Mr. José Vázquez Juncal, who was born in Tordoia, in the province of La Coruña in 1946. He owns works in the Cathedral La Almudena in Madrid, Ciudad Real, Puerto de Santa María, Sevilla, Alcantarilla, etc. The polychrome belongs to Mr. Francisco Berlanga, a disciple of Carlos Bravo and Francisco Buiza. The sculptor of Nuestra Señora del Rosario is Mr. José Vázquez Juncal, with workshop in Arganda del Rey, Madrid (1994).


On its platform it extols an octagonal base of outline in concave slope, lacquered in black, where it stands out cartridges of golden and silvery openwork silversmithing, presenting the symbols of Jesús and María. On the four corners it lifts candelabra for illuminating with their torches of scented oil the Crucifix with the image of María kneeling.

Standard  Cinco Llagas Jumilla


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