Royal Confraternity  Jesús Nazareno

Paso Padre Jesús Nazareno Calvario Jumilla


Years after the destruction of the Jesús Nazareno del Calvario, the manager in those days of the also disappeared Moderno cinema, Mr. Gabriel Rodríguez, made some maintenance works in the theatre roof, when they found an old and damaged wood bit, which resembled a sculpture’s face. In comparison with ancient photographs from the epoch, it was found a perfect similarity with the primitive image of Jesús Nazareno by Roque López.
From that moment, the Confraternity felt the moral obligation of rebuilding that so valuable carving, finally being the sculptor Arturo Serra in 1997 the responsible for that task who, departing from that mask and carrying on with the bust, so as departing from the ancient right foot which also was preserved, he replicated the left one.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.

Tunic  Paso Nazareno Calvario Jumilla


The Tunic and the hood are of black velvet decorated with adornments of gold and with the Confraternity’s shield embroidered in the chest. It is adhered to body with a golden cord with tassels. It completes the outfit a wide cape also in velvet, in maroon colour.


The standard: this piece is a current recreation of the ancient standard of the Confraternity of the 19th century which, because of the fragile state of its damask, it can’t appear in the processions.

Labarum of VOTP: it is a reminder of the foundational root of the Confraternity, in recognition of the Third Order of Penitence of the disappeared convent of Las Cinco Llagas de San Francisco. On brown velvet, it appears the order’s shield and the initials of the VOTP (Venerable Third Order of Penitence). In two cartridges in both sides, the date of the devotional foundation at the Nazareno itemised ‘Year 1801’. Perimeter and cartridges are traversed by a rococo ornamentation.


It represents the moment in that Jesús Nazareno goes on the way to the Calvary.


Roque López Duarte Máyquez (1747-1811) started working very young in the workshop of Francisco Salzillo, of who he would be one of the most distinguished disciples.

Standard  Nazareno Calvario Jumilla


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