Catalogue Sculptor  Imagineros  Easter Week  Jumilla

Sculptors and Carvers on Easter Jumilla

Isidora Navarro, Santiago Rodríguez López, year 2009.

Catalogue Sculpture  Passion  Jumilla

Sculpture of the Passion in Jumilla (1583-2005)

Isidora Navarro

Catalog of Jumilla´s imagery from the point of descriptive, iconographic and stylistic.

 catalogue Treasure of Passion

Treasure of Passion

Imprenta Vilomara, year 2002.

Catalog of scripts, wardobre, jewelry and imagery of passion Confraternities.

Catalogue Art and Passion

Art and Passion

Imprenta Lencina, year 1999.

Jumilla´s imaginary catalog.

Catalogue Brotherhoods Jumillanas

Brotherhoods Jumillanas

Imprenta Lencina, año 1990.

Jumilla´s passion brotherhoods catalog, published on the occasion of the Regional Meeting of Brotherhoods.

 Catalogue Jumilla  Easter Week

Jumilla and your Easter Week

Tipografía San Francisco, year 1973.

First great book about Jumilla and our Easter, monuments, museums, festivals, history, etc.