Brotherhood Santisímo Cristo de la Salud

Imagen Titular Hermandad Cristo Salud


One of the biggest promoters of the Jumilla’s Easter was Miguel Jiménez Ontáñez, who after having constituted the brotherhoods San Pedro and Santa María Magdalena at his expenses, he founded, in 1882, El Santísimo Cristo de la Salud, with the name of ‘Cristo de la Sangre’. After the death of Mr. Jiménez Ontáñez at the beginnings of the 20th years, and after a year without marching in procession, the family Guillén Molina takes charge of the brotherhood, it starts to march, as chronicles says, ‘with more splendour’, under the guardianship of Carmen Guillén de Molina and as waitress her daughter Amparo Molina Guillén, who made a new golden andas.
After the Spanish Civil War, it is the family Martínez Guardiola, and above all Josefa Guardiola Guillén, better known as Mrs. Pepita, responsible for marching and increasing the worship and veneration of the image. In 1947 it is premiered: throne, tunics and standard, these last two designed, with a truly wise choice, by Joaquín Vicente Toda. The patronage of this family keeps until the end of the 70th years. In 1980, Mrs. Guardiola Guillén makes donation of all the chattels to a group of anderos, presided by Cristobal Abellán Olivares, who become in brotherhood, being the last one, from all of Jumilla, in leaving the patronage of a family.
The following year, it assumes presidency José Mª Jiménez Martínez, who had belonged to the brotherhood since he was 2 years-old, he is who introduces a new turn of anderos. In 1990, it is elected as president Enrique Jiménez Sánchez, under his command it was restored the throne, and in 2003 it assumes presidency Benito Cutillas Gil, organising the acts of the 25th anniversary of the Brotherhood’s refoundation in 2005.


Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Salud, 1882.


The Confraternity lacks of own house, but it has its headquarters in the El Salvador’s Church, where it counts with a meeting hall for the Brotherhood and a hall for guarding its heritage.


Good Friday in the morning and in the evening.

Insignia  Cristo Salud