The Excmo. Jumilla’s town hall has 10, 1 yielded to the Central Board of Jumilla’s Brotherhoods, the first plant  of the building placed in Square of the Constitution Nº10, 1º. This plant  consists of lounge of plenary sessions, office and room of meetings of the Board of directors, store of tunics, store of abalorios and bathroom. Also the Central Board  possesses   a place in the low ones of the building for Office of Information. You can contact us using the form or by Email.



cruz guía JumillaThe Jumilla’s Central Board of Brotherhoods was born by separation of the Festivities Municipal Commission, which was composed by Mr. Mayor, Parish Priests from city, Festivities City Councillor, Brotherhoods’ presidents and people, individuals and city’s entrepreneurs.

Junta Directiva 1943 Jumilla

In the first Festivities Commissions, all the municipal alive strength take part; Parish Priests from the two churches, Mr. Mayor, town’s main entrepreneurs, Jumilla’s culture representatives, Brotherhoods’ presidents, etc. Commissions that are made since 1940, for strengthening again our Easter Week, with the return of the processions after the Civil War, approving the first regulation dated on the 12th May 1941. One of these commissions is from 1943, which was composed by Mr. Luis Rico blanes, Mr. Aurelio Cutillas Navarro, Mr. José Carrión, Mr. Pascual Cutillas Guardiola, Mr. Rafael Soria Jiménez, Mr. Atanasio Sánchez Pérez, Mr. Juan Miguel Bernal López, Mr. Jacobo María Espinosa de los Monteros (Solar’s Baron), Mr. Mariano Andréu García (Santiago Parish Priest), Mr. Juan Paco Baeza (El Salvador Parish Priest), Mr. Pedro Martínez Eraso (Mayor), Mr. Pedro Luis Martínez Guardiola and Mr. Diego Espinosa de los Monteros. Another Commission to stand out was the one from 1965, which followed with a similar structure to the one from two decades ago, but with other purposes much more modern and new sap. Ready to work for Jumilla and spread its name and its processions by the whole national geography; from it depart the project of bringing the NO-DO, for the realization of a documentary about our Easter Week. Junta Directiva 1965 Jumilla Junta Directiva 1965 Jumilla The first statutes of the Central Board of Brotherhoods of Easter Week are written up on the 21 April 1976, but the election of the first Board of Directors doesn’t carry out until the 12th June 1978, remaining compound on the following way: President: Mr. Jacobo González Atienza; Vice president: Mr. Salvador Bernabeu Noguera; Secretary: Mr. Vicente Canicio Canicio; Treasurer: Mr. José Abellán García; Members: Mr. Francisco Canicio Canicio; Mr. Juan Antonio Martínez Lencina, Mr. Joaquín Gómez Fernández, Mr. Luis Canicio Canicio, Mr. Juan Abellán García and Mr. Pedro González Bleda. These statutes didn’t carry out for their approval by the Diocese’s Bishopric, remaining only as Internal Regime, for the recently made Central Board of Brotherhoods, until its Canonical approval in November 1979. On the 2nd May 1981, it is elected a new Board of Directors, and it is named to Mr. Jacobo González Atienza as Honour President in perpetuity. Remaining the new Board of Directors composed by: President: Mr. Francisco Pérez Martínez; Vice president: Mr. José Abarca López; Secretary: Mr. Juan Antonio Martínez Lencina; Treasurer: Mr. José Abellán García; Members: Mr. Juan Abellán García, Mr. José María Simón Moreno, Mr. Alfonso García Santos, Mr. Francisco Canicio Canicio, Mr. Samuel Simón Soriano and Mr. Salvador Bernabeu Noguera.

Junta Directiva 1994 Jumilla

In the Assembly of the Central Board of Easter Week dated on the 26th November 1883 and by proposal of the Board President Mr. Joaquín Valero, it is accorded the creation and naming of Honour Nazarene, which annually go to ‘a person who has made enough achievements through its career inside the Jumilla’s Easter Week’. This naming would be proposed annually by Mr. President of the Central Board, who would tell it to the Board of Directors, and this to the Assembly. In Assembly on the 16th September 1994, they are approved the current Statutes, by attendees unanimity, with the aim of adapting them to the New Code of Canonical Right from 1983, so as the Diocese Directorate for Brotherhoods and Confraternities of Easter Week. Being approved to Experimentum, on the 15th December 1995 by Mr. Bishop of the Diocese.

Permanent Board

You can download the  pdf with the components of The Permanent Board.

Components J.C.H.S.S.

You can download the pdf with the components of The Central Board of Brotherhoods.