Brotherhood Santa María Magdalena


Carving in polychrome and golden wood, realised by Ignacio Pinazo in 1944, when the Confraternity was founded and the previous image of Santa María Magdalena was destroyed. In 1992 it is recovered the tradition of marching on andas in the procession of Good Friday in the evening. The image and the throne are carried on shoulders by twenty-eight anderos organised in two turns.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.


The Poles: realised in the Orfebrería David from Valencia in 1968. They are of silver metal and they are finished off in a golden holy chalice which contains the passionflower.


The effigy represents María Magdalena, a Jesús’s friend, in the way to the Calvary carrying in her left hand a parfume’s glass, for the anointment of the corpse. There is an open book at the effigy’s foot, with a crucifix and a skull.


Ignacio Pinazo is the sculptor of the current image, he was born in Valencia, he was disciple of Mariano Benlliure, an exceptional religious images maker. The Jumilla’s people have the luck of preserving several works in our city: Jesús Nazareno, the Virgen de la Soledad, Jesús Prendido, the Virgen de la Asunción, the Virgen del Carmen, etc.


A magnificent work by the sculptor Ignacio Pinazo, realised in 1952, it is of carved wood and re-covered with gold leaf, it stands out the face of a dying Jesús in the front. Angels’ heads and vegetal motives decorate the sumptuous andas, illuminated by eight lanterns of golden metal.


The anderos wear tunic and hood of navy blue cotton fabric with the passionflower embroidered in the hood and with golden cord.


Confraternity’s standard: realised in goldsmithing in golden metal, of Orfebrería David from Valencia in 1964. It keeps a central oil of the image, from the primitive standard from 1928. The standard: embroidered in silk and gold on navy blue velvet, designed by Juan Fco. Martínez García and realised by Andrés Nicolás Moreno in the workshops ‘La Egipcia’ from Lorca, in 2004, it is showed in the gallery.