Confraternity Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Redención

Imagen Titular Cofradía Jesús Redención


In the beginnings of 2007, a large group of young men from Jumilla, Easter’s passional parades lovers, considered opportune to fill the Jumilla’s Holy Saturday and to incorporate us to the existent project in the Central Board for a new procession, together with other brotherhoods. They applied themselves to work in what Mystery would have place in that procession. After several months of work, it was taken the decision that it would be Nuestro Padre Jesús de la Redención.
On the 19th May 2007, it was an important date for the Confraternity, considering that it was made the foundation’s act and endorsement of the Confraternity’s first statutes, where it was chosen as first president Mr Antonio Ramos Bernal. From this moment, the Confraternity applied itself to search a religious images carver for making the Confraternity’s image, finally we found what we were looking for, thanks to Mr José Tévar, who introduces us a young carver with a lot of projection and qualities; it was about Mr Antonio José Martínez Rodríguez, a man from Jaén and settled in Madrid. Another problem that we had was the finance of the work but, thanks Mrs Fabiana Juana Martínez, who was on offer to pay the image, we could carry out the project.
Another important date was December 2008; the Confraternity enters to form part of the Central Board of Brotherhoods. It stands out the work by Mr Antonio Ramos, who we can consider the responsible and pioneer of that this absurd idea gets ahead, considering that it was a difficult moment, it was a link of union among all the Confraternity’s founders.


Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Redención.


The Confraternity has no House, keeping all its belongings, together with other brotherhoods, in the building at El Pósito, that the Honourable Councial has ceded to the Central Board of Brotherhoods.


On Holy Saturday.

Insignia  Jesús Redención