Confraternity Beso de Judas

Imagen Titular Cofradía Beso Judas


In 1977, a group of friends leaded by Mariano and Eduardo Spiteri, Gaspar Herrero and José Bernal decide to create the new brotherhood ‘Beso de Judas’. Mariano, encoureged by them, he is in charge of the realisation of the images that will march on the Holy Wednesday of 1977.
It is ordered tunics with cut of poncho in beige wool and dark brown velvet hood. The majority of brothers were very young, so they decide to give it to know as Youth’s Brotherhood.
In 1982 it is created the paso El Santísimo Cristo de la Coronación de Espinas.
In 1987 it is made the current tunics, a replica of the ones from the end of the 19th century in Jumilla. A tunic and a hood of maroon velvet with the brotherhood’s emblem embroidered in gold and decorated with fringes and decorative items also in gold.
In 1989, it is made the current images of the Beso de Judas and in 1998, the one of the Santísimo Cristo de la Coronación de Espinas.
The Brotherhood San Pedro Apóstol is founded in 1880 with the image by the sculptor Roque López.
The brothers wore green velvet tunics and in the hood, the shield made up by two crossed keys. The image was destroyed in 1936, moment in that the brotherhood disappears.

After a digression of three decades, Mr. Alfonso Jiménez Jiménez together with the building guild, carries through its refoundation in 1966 with the current carving by the sculptor Mr. Juan González Moreno and a throne of golden wood by José Terón. The brothers wore yellow tunic and hood, a green velvet cape in which it was embroidered in gold the apostle’s keys.
In 1990, the brotherhood is integrated in the Confraternity “Beso de Judas”.


Paso Beso de Judas, 1978.
Paso San Pedro Apóstol, 1966.
Paso Coronación de Espinas, 1982.


The Confraternity counts with a Chapel in Verónica Street, where they keep their rich heritage, nowadays it is closed the whole year, with the exception of Easter Week days.


The main paso in the Holy Wednesday Procession; with the rest of images, it marches everyday.



Insignia Beso Judas