Penitential Brotherhood Santísimo Cristo de la Vida

Imagen Titular Hermandad Cristo Vida



The main image is ordered to José Planes Peñalver  and defrayed by the Molina Guillén family in 1946, under the advocation of Cristo de la Vida Eterna, walking for the first time in the early morning of Good Friday in 1960, in the ancient Procession of Penitents, in which it stayed for six years, until its disappearance. In 1971 it is started again the procession, with the structure that nowadays we know, in which the penitents with altar candles and crosses flow through frizzy and twisted streets, illuminated only by the glimmer of the crackling bonfires that beside motets and incense clouds which give the ambiance of an halo of spirituality through it goes by, crossing the eternity lintel, the imposing image of Santísimo Cristo de la Vida.
In 2000 it is added a new paso, under the advocation of Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. The first carving that took past in the procession, was the one by the sculptor Javier Santos de la Hera, the ancient image of the Virgen de la Amargura, replaced by the final one by the religious images carver Ramón Cuenca, which walked for the first time on the Holy Tuesday in 2002, on rich throne of silversmithing, made in the workshops of Aragón Orfebres from Motril and swayed by two fervent groups of anderas.
In 2009, it is fulfilled one of the historical projects of the brotherhood, the recover of the ancient throne of Cristo de la Salud, which also will be defrayed by the Molina Guillén family in the beginnings of the 20th century, throne in Art Decó style, in carved and golden wood, magnificently recovered in the workshops of Mariano Spiteri, and on which it walks since that year the main image of the brotherhood, the venerated Cristo de la Vida.


Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Vida.  1946

Paso Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza. 2001


The Confraternity lack of own house but it has its headquarters in the Santiago’s Main Church, where it counts with some rooms beside the Chorus, for guarding crosses, lanterns, tunics and the rest of its heritage.


On Holy Tuesday.




Insignia Hermandad Cristo Vida