Confraternity Santísimo Cristo de la Sentencia

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It was born under Brotherhood San Pedro Apóstol’s wings, in 1978. The sacrifice, the excitement, the tenacity and of course the youth, carry us to develop the project of making a new Brotherhood. Fernando Carcelén Cutillas came as the secretary of the Brotherhood San Pedro, the first thing to do was to order the main image. This was made to Mr Javier Santos de la Hera, through Salvador Palao together with, José Tévar and Fernando Carcelén. Several trips were made to Madrid, where the sculptor worked always under the glance of Fernando Carcelén. It walks for the first time in 1979. The throne was designed by Salvador Palao and José Tévar from Jumilla, ordered in the workshops of Mr Manuel Guzmán Bejarano.
The confraternity carries on growing and it carries out one of the projects: the group of images ‘El traslado al Sepulcro’, by the author Mr Manuel Romero from Granada. It walked for the first time in the processions in 1992. For this sculptural group, the confraternity orders the throne to the silversmiths Eleuterio Aragón, from Motril, in 2008.
In 1995 it is acquired a sculptural group ‘Aparición de Jesús a los Apóstoles en el Lago Tiberiades’, which walks on Sunday of Resurrection being its author Mr Antonio Labaña Serrano, from Algezares (Murcia). The throne was designed by the cabinetmaker Mr Pedro Antonio Carrión from Jumilla and all the carvings by the excellent carver Mr José Ponce Gaspar.
We are known as the Confraternity Los Amarillos.


Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Sentencia.
Paso Traslado al Sepulcro.
Paso La Aparición de Jesús en el lago Tiberiades.


Procession of the Sorrow, Procession of the Calvary, Procession of the Holy Burial and Procession of Resurrected Jesús.


Procesión de la Amargura, Procesión del Calvario, Procesión del Santo Entierro y Procesión de Jesús Resucitado.


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