Confraternity La Guarda del Cuerpo de Cristo


It is destined to recover, with austerity, the old tradition of staying awake in the presence of Christ’s Body, which is done by the ‘armaos’ of the Brotherhood Cristo Amarrado a la Columna, during all night at the Santiago’s Main Church.
This fact of the custody of Christ’s Body by Roman soldiers, that lasts three days, has been transformed in procession and it is dramatised by the Santísimo Cristo Yacente of the Santa Ana’s Monastery, which will be placed in a black velvet catafalque with a see-through bed sheet that partially covers the image and which symbolise the Christ’s Shroud or Holy Shroud. It will be guarded by four roman soldiers who watch over close to the throne, during all the procession tour. Nowadays, in a current symbology, it is also accompanied by a Local Police escort, group who was distinguised as Honour Guardians by the Confraternity.
The first petition that was done for taking part in the evening-night procession on Holy Saturday, was asked to the Central Board of Brotherhoods on the 3th February 2006, already authorised by the Vicar of the area and Franciscan Fathers of the Santa Ana’s Monastery, the procedure was finally delayed until the Easter of 2010, in which it participated in the procession of the Redemption on Holy Saturday.


Paso del Santísimo Cristo Yacente del Monasterio de Santa Ana.

Paso de Ntra. Sra. Stma. Virgen María de las Penas.


On Holy Saturday in the afternoon-evening.


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