Confraternity La Oración del Huerto

Imagen Titular Hermandad Oración Huerto


It is founded in 1928, by a group of Jumilla’s people, among them Mr Miguel Gómez who assumes presidency, with a paso with the statues of Jesús and the Angel, a work by the Jumilla’s sculptor Mr. Ramiro Trigueros Jiménez, which walks in that same 1928. On the 8 February same year, it is canonically erected in the Santiago’s Church, so as its statuts are approved by ordinary. In the past Civil War (1936-1939), the iconoclastic rage destroys the main paso. Once it ended, the brotherhood is reorganised and it assumes presidency Mr Jesús Jiménez Magán, ordering in 1942 to the Murcian sculptor Mr José Lozano Roca, a new paso with Jesús and the Angel (a copy of the Salzillo’s of Murcia), for walking two years after, in 1944. In 1948 it is added the statues of the Apostles Pedro, Santiago and Juan, in an asleep position by the same sculptor.
They are destroyed by fire in the early morning of Good Friday in 1975, the brotherhood presided by Mr. Agustín Abellán Molina, orders a new sculptoric group with Jesús and the Angel, to the Sevillan sculptor Mr Francisco Buiza Fernández on 28 June that year, for walking in processions the following year, in 1976. In 1991, under presidency of Mr. Manuel Martínez Sánchez, it is acquired the brotherhood San Juan Apóstol, the paso and throne of the Cruz Triunfante, a work by the Murcian sculptor Mr José Sánchez Lozano, whose presidency holds Mr Vicente Canicio Canicio, incorporating it to the brotherhood.
In 1997 statuts are renewed and it is established as Confraternity in the Santiago’s Main Church, they are approved and it is canonically erected on the 21 March that year by the Cartagena’s Bishop, Monsignor Azagra. In 2003, it is named as Honour President to Mr Francisco Canicio Canicio.


Paso la Oración del Huerto, 1942.

Paso la Cruz Triunfante, 1959.


This Confraternity has no Brotherhood’s House, but it keeps all its heritage, jointly with other brotherhoods, in the Pósito’s ground-floor, that the Hon. Local Government has ceded to the Central Board of Brotherhoods.


Holy Wednesday in the evening and Good Friday in the morning (Oración del Huerto). Resurrection’s Sunday (Cruz Triunfante).



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