Confraternity La Oración del Huerto


It was founded in 1928 under presidency of Mr. Miguel Gómez Abellán, taking part in the processional parades with two statues by the Jumilla’s Ramiro Trigueros, who was a teacher in the Habana’s Fine Arts Academy, being the Murcian sculptor Carmen Sánchez Araciel responsible for the termination of the statues, which were destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. In 1944, the brotherhood takes part again in the processional parades with the new carvings by José Lozano Roca, until its destruction in the tragical fire of Holy Thursday in 1975. The following year, the brotherhood reappears again with the current statues by Francisco Buiza.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.


It represents the moment that Jesús went away to pray, after the Holy Supper, to the Garden of Gethsemane, being consoled by an angel.


It is a work by the Sevillan sculptor of religious carvings Mr. Francisco Buiza from 1976. Sculptor more than enough known in the Sevilla’s city, where he has a great part of his work.


It is carved in wood and goldened in fine gold in the workshops of the Murcian wood carvers Hermanos Lorente, being an excellent throne of our Easter Week. Purple velvet skirts.


Of purple velvet and a lilac velvet cape, with a silvery lamé sash. Black velvet hood which carries embroidered in silver the Passion’s Holy Chalice, the Brotherhood’s emblem.

The Standard

according to the design of the Jumilla’s artist Mr. Marcelino Abellán Mula, it was made on purple velvet, with applications in silvery silversmithing, in the centre a great chalice with a sacred shape with glitter in golden metal. It was made in 1966 by the silversmithing workshop of Mr. José David from Valencia.