Confraternity El Rollo


Gathered in the Good Friday’s morning 1941, by initiative of Mr. Antonio Bleda García: Mr. Francisco Martínez Herrero, Mr. Luís Rico Blanes, Mr. Pedro Luís Martínez Guardiola, Mr. Roque Martínez Martínez, Mr. Ramiro Bernal Pérez, Mr. Francisco Muñoz Herrero and Mr. Bautista Fernández Luna, with the aim of creating a new brotherhood, which resulted in an founding agreement of General Assembly on the 12th April 1941, taking part, for the first time, in the Easter 1942.


Canonically erected in the San Juan Bautista’s Church


Confraternity’s standard: made in the workshops of Ciriaco Ruiz from Valencia. Embroidered in gold, on black velvet, the insignia, name and its foundation year.
Horns: design by Cayetano Herrero, painted with the Confraternity’s colours, red and purple, they were made in the workshops of Hermanos Martínez Sánchez from Jumilla (1993), and decorations by Esmagi.


It is composed of three images and it represents the moment that Jesus is introduced to people, after having been flogged and crowned with thorns.


The famous Murcian sculptor Juan González Moreno is the author of the paso realisation, by order of the Brotherhood’s first president Mr. Luís Rico Blanes, and with a cost of 35,000 pesetas. They are restored in 1989 by the Studio-Workshop of Conservation and Restoration of Religious Art of the Spanish Episcopal Conference.


It was realised in 1942 in carved wood and illuminated by eight columns, crowned by a electric light lampshade. Goldened in 1946 by Mr. Pujante and making the current candelabras with nine arms, incorporating the current maroon velvet skirts, embroidered in silk and gold in the workshops of Mr. Valverde from Alicante.


Of red velvet with black velvet sash, with the Christ’s three nails embroidered with precious stones. Purple velvet cape with the Confraternity’s insignias embroidered in gold.


Embroidered in 1942, in golden thread on purple velvet, by the Reverend Mothers Dominicas from the Jumilla’s convent. It carries the name ECCE-HOMO and under it, it carries the Passion’s symbols and the Confraternity’s name with its foundation year.