Confraternity El Rollo


For recovering the participation in the Holy Wednesday procession, the Confraternity takes again the agreement of the realisation of a new paso and, in this ocassion, it is decided for the Negación de San Pedro, which would be appropriate to this day and with the consent of the Central Board of Brotherhoods. Mr. President of the Confraternity, Mr. José Abarca López, signs a contract with the sculptor for the realisation of the new paso that would march for the first time on the Holy Wednesday of the Easter 1993.


Canonically erected in the San Juan Bautista’s Church.


It represents the moment of the third denial of Saint Peter at being recognised by a woman as Jesus’ disciple. Saint Peter on his knees opposite to Jesus, with grief face and Jesus opposite him with a face of understanding and forgiveness. The two figures are accompanied by a cock as an allegorical target to the sentence from Jesus when He said: “You will deny me before the cock crows.”


It is a work by the Murcian sculptor of religious images Mr. José Antonio Hernández Navarro, who was born in Los Ramos on the 4th December 1954.


It was realised in silver in the workshops of Mr. Ramón Orovio de la Torre, from the firm ‘Orfebrería Orobio, S.L.’ (Ciudad Real). The andas are bordered with embossed sashes composed of a tall and moved moulding that defines embossed sections, which are adorned with vegetal motives inside the Renaissance style, in which it is very typical the bulbous areas with roleos, tendrils and acanthus, among others. In the centre of the sections, they are represented the Stations of the Cross which are divided through half columns two by two. In the centre of the frontal, it is placed a niche with the image of the Apostle Saint Peter.


The anderas tunics are made in purple wool fabric with golden adornments at the hems of tunic and sleeves. Black wool hood with golden adornments (2002).


Of green velvet with a thorns’ crown embroiders in gold and silks which lets see inside it the images of Hernández Navarro and an allegorical cock at the moment of Peter denial. Workshops of Ciriaco Ruiz from Valencia, 1999.