Confraternity Santo Costado de Cristo


Founded in 1964 by a group of young men directed by Mr Juan Jiménez Fernández. Known in the beginning as the ‘Brotherhood of the Jumilla’s Absent Ones’. It walked on the first year with the crucifixed of the Cristo de la Reja, from the Santa Ana’s Convent, carrying at its feet the Longinos. In 1964 it is added the Virgen, San Juan in 1965, a work by the Murcian sculptor José Sánchez Lozano. In 1966 Mr. José Planes Peñalver realises the carving of the Cristo Crucificado and the Longinos on horseback. In 1968 are added the two thieves, a work by the Valencian sculptor José Díaz López.


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.


It represents the moment when Longinos crosses with his spear the side of Christ.
It is formed by five figures, Christ on the Cross with the two thieves at sides and at his feet the Virgen, San Juan and Longinos with spear, on horseback.


It is the sculptoric group with more authors in the scenography of a paso in the Jumilla’s Easter. The carve of Crucifixed Christ belongs to the sculptor Mr José Planes Peñalver (1966). San Juan and the Virgen, by Sánchez Lozano (1965 and 1966). The thieves, by the Valencian sculptor Mr José Díaz (1968) and the Longinos on horseback, by the school of Mr José Planes (1972).


Of silvery silversmithing, made in the workshops of Mr José Orrico from Valencia, representing the Stations of the Cross.


It is made in white wool, with black velvet sash (embroidered with the brotherhood’s insignia), red velvet cape, and black hood, in one of the shoulders of the cape it carries embroidered the Brotherhood’s emblem.


Embroidered in gold on red velvet, in the workshops of Mrs Consuelo Escámez from Cartagena in 1970.