Royal Confraternity Jesús Nazareno


Brotherhood which gives origin to the Confraternity which carries its name, it was founded in 1801, in that moment it walked with an image by the Murcian sculptor Roque López, a Salzillo’s disciple. In replacement of this image, partially destroyed in 1936, Mr. Ignacio Pizano sculpted in 1943 the current image that strolls the Brotherhood who carries its name


Canonically erected in the Santiago’s Main Church.


Tunic of scort de Ntro. Padre Jesús Nazareno: ceremonial pieces for accompaniment of the statutes book in the Good Friday’s procession. Of a great brightness and impact because of the richness of the design, going forming a combination of six, lined up in three at the bottom (it can be seen in the gallery).
Trumpets: four are the trumpets which announce the main paso, a remembrance of the ones which announced in Roma the horrible retinue of who has to be executed on the cross. They are of elegant Tibetan design, of silvery and engraved German silver. It hangs from each one of them black velvet cloths embroidered in gold and silver, in whose centre it outstands the Passion symbols inside a cartridge of stems and leaves. Imported from the Delhi state in India.
Crucifix: expiring Christ of a slim nude and shaked loincloth. Slim canon and classic fastened by four nails. It rises in tree-like cross, naturalist but adorned with posts of silversmithing and crosspiece centred in a silver radiant.


It represents the moment in which Jesús Nazareno goes along the way of the Calvary. It is a simple figure of candlestick, whose carving is limited to the face, hands and both feet. It carries on its shoulders a big cross that holds with both hands, a valuable piece of silversmithing with inlays of shell.


Ignacio Pinazo Martínez, he was born in Valencia on the 30th April 1883. He studies in Madrid in the San Fernando Fine Arts School and he is a Mariano Benlliure’s disciple.


Under a design by Mr. José Tévar García, is made in wood carved by Mr. Manuel Guzmán Bejarano, between 1984 and 1988. The sculptures of the angels are by Mr. José Romero Benítez from 1989 and the silversmithing of Orfebrería Andaluza, from 1991. The skirts are embroidered in black velvet with silks and gold, with passages from the Old and New Testament. It was embroidered in the workshops of Mr. José Romero Benítez in 1989.


The tunic and the hood are of black velvet decorated with adornments of gold and the Confraternity’s shield embroidered on the chest. It adheres to body with a golden cord with tassels. It completes the outfit a wide cape also in velvet, in maroon colour.


Embroidered on black velvet in gold and silk with silvery silversmithing in the workshops of Mr. Ignacio Escobar from Sevilla, under a design by Mr. José Tévar García. Central oil by Mr. José Romero Benítez, 1985.