Venerable and Distinguished Brotherhood San Juan Apóstol

Imagen Titular Hermandad San Juan


It is founded as a section of the Confraternity Jesús Nazareno. In a minutes of the 12th April 1863, it is described the foundation agreement, of providing at the Confraternity Jesús Nazareno a la Columna, of a section of túnicos, who were named the “whites” for walking to San Juan Apóstol. Its first president was Roque Molera, Mother Confraternity’s president and outstanding man of the Jumilla’s Easter of the middle of the 19th century.
The first image was by Francisco Sánchez Araciel, sadly disappeared in the Spanish Civil War in 1936. Under the protection of the Barón del Solar’s House, the section abandons the brotherhood-mother, continuing under the protection of another confraternity: the Cristo Amarrado.
In 1942, by request of the Baroness of Solar de Espinosa, it is ordered a new image of San Juan Apóstol to the sculptors Carlos Román and Salvador Ferrandis.
In 1957 it is emancipated from the Cristo Amarrado.
In 1959 this brotherhood founds the procession of Jesús Resucitado, acquiring the main image to José Planes. In consecutive years the heritage is incremented with the incorporation of new sections, founding the ‘Brotherhoods’ Association of Jesús Resucitado’, with the following pasos: San Juan Apóstol (1942), Jesús Resucitado (1959), Virgen Gloriosa (1960), Virgen del Primer Dolor (1971), Cruz Triunfante (1972), Santas Mujeres Ante el Sepulcro (1972), Unción en Betania (1987).
In 1990 it gets rid of a part of its sections and the brotherhood is reorganised.
In 1992, it is celebrated the commemorative ceremony about the 50th anniversary of the San Juan image, among them it stands out the acquisition of a new sculptoric group about the Christ of Mercy, for walking in the Easter Thursday evening.


Paso San Juan Apóstol.

Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Misericordia.

Paso Jesús Resucitado.


The brotherhood has no House, but it keeps all its heritage, together with other brotherhoods, in the groundfloor at El Pósito Street, which the Hon. Local Government has assigned to the Central Board of Brotherhoods.


On Holy Wednesday with the main image, and it walks with the rest of images all the days with the exception of the Redención’s Procession.


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