Brotherhood Santísimo Cristo de la Caída

Imagen Titular Hermandad Cristo Caída



Founded in 1949 with the title of ‘Society of Mutual Aid’, marching with the current image, until 1928, year in which under the presidency of Mr Pedro Antonio Gil Jiménez, it marches with an image by the Murcian sculptor Carmen Sánchez Araciel, in which an executioner would be added the following year, remaining completed with two executioners in 1931, and unfortunately destroyed five years after during the Spanish Civil War. In that time the Confraternity took part in the processions of the Capture, the Sorrow, the Silence, the one that presides and in the others of the Calvary and the Burial. It also was in 1928 when it marched for the first time with a standard made by the Revered Dominicas Mothers in Jumilla and that currently is at the Franciscan Museum of Santa Ana del Monte.
Reorganised in 1981 under the presidency of Mr Juan Ochando Otazo, it marched on trolley until the Easter in 1995, in which with new andas created by the artisan Juan Ochando Abarca from Jumilla (Brotherhood’s Honour President), it marches on the shoulders of brothers.
In 2003 it is created the Brotherhood Cristo de la Reja, taking part for the first time in the processions in 2004. It is designated as new president of the Brotherhood Mr Jaime Tomás Bleda. The image is lowered to Jumilla from the Santa Ana’s Monastery, in romeria, in the evening on Holy Monday and it is deposited for its worship, during the Easter days, in the San Juan’s Church, for returning to the Santa Ana’s Monastery on the Saturday of Glory, for its worship during the rest of the year.


Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Caída.

Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Reja.


The Brotherhood has acquired a site at Acomodadas Street, next to the Santiago’s Church, for building its chapel-headquarters when the conditions allow it.


It marches on Holy Thursday and Good Friday in the morning with its main image and in Good Friday evening with the image of the Santísimo Cristo de la Reja.