Confraternity La Samaritana

Imagen Titular Cofradía Samaritana


If we do a historical recovery, we must point out that, in 1943, after more than 100 years, the confraternity separated from the Brotherhood La Vera Cruz y Santo Sepulcro. They got rid of its black clothing and ordered to make their tunics and hoods on white wool with maroon cape, it was named as president José González Jiménez and the baker’s guild of Jumilla joined to them. They already walked as a new brotherhood in 1944, with the same statue that had appeared up to then and which had been made by Sánchez Tapia.
In 1948 they ordered to José Lozano Roca, a Murcia’s sculptor, to make a new statue, the current one, and which marched for the first time in the Holy Wednesday morning, on the 13 April 1949 (restored in 1995 by Mariano Spiteri, and El Pozo in 2002), in the procession that used to make the brotherhood, and that stopped in 1954, after more than 100 years.
In 2004, it was made a new statue of Cristo Humillado, a work by the Jumilla’s sculptor Mariano Spiteri.
The throne is of golden wood, with wooden arms on the corners and centres, by the Murcian Luís Vidal Martínez, and restored by Mariano Spiteri (arms in 2007, corners in 2008 and fronts in 2009).
The first standard was embroidered by the Jumilla’s Madres Dominicas, with a picture of Sánchez Tapia’s statues. In 2008 they were made two new ones in India, with the images of the Samaritana and Cristo Humillado, by Bartolomé Medina, from Jumilla. Two lanterns from the workshop of Orovio de la Torre.
In 2011 it was presented for the first time a new throne for the Humillado made by M. Spiteri, so as the anderos’ tunics.


Paso La Samaritana, 1949.

Paso El Santísimo Cristo Humillado, 2004.


The Confraternity has no House, but it keeps all its heritage, together with other brotherhoods, in the Pósito’s groundfloor, which is ceded by the Hon. Town Hall to the Central Board of Brotherhoods.
The two statues can be seen during the whole year in the Holy Week Museum.


Holy Wednesday and Good Friday in the morning with the main paso and Holy Thursday with the Santísimo Cristo Humillado.



Insignia Samaritana