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In the middle of 1963 it is founded, by a group of the city’s young men, the confraternity Santo Costado de Cristo with the only vocation of taking part actively in Easter. As main motive, it was chosen the mythological spear thrust given by Longinos to Jesús at the Calvary Mountain. This motive, with time, was adding the different imagery that currently forms the main paso until transforming it in an unbeatable sculptoric group.
They are the red, white and black, the Brotherhood’s representative colours: blood-red in the cape, mourning-black in the hood and purity-white in the tunic, they mean an unique piece that identifies the members brothers. Everything concluded by a sash, also in black, with the brotherhood’s emblem embroidered in gold. Aforesaid emblem, inspired in the confraternity’s name and main paso, is formed of a chalice crowned with a great cross
crossed by two spears and it walks in the known ‘throne bocina’.
Under the frame of the Central Board of Brotherhoods, during these more than 50 years of existence, the Confraternity has uninterruptedly taken part in every king of processional, liturgical and cultural acts, contributing to the enlargement of the Jumilla’s Easter.


Paso Santo Costado de Cristo, 1964.
Paso La Santa Cena, 1975.
Paso Santísimo Cristo de la Expiración, 1981.
Paso La Aparición de Jesús a Santa María Magdalena, 1993.
Paso Las Hijas de Jerusalén. 3ª Caída, 2003.


It counts with a House at the Barón del Solar Street, where they keep and guard all the Confraternity’s rich heritage.


Good Friday in the morning with the main image and with the rest of the pasos, everyday.


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