Confraternity Nuestra Señora del Primer Dolor

Imagen Titular Hermandad Primer Dolor


Founded in 1875 by Mr. José Spuche Ibáñez, the brotherhood walked with an image attributed to Salzillo and which was destroyed during the Spanish Civil War. In 1941 it walks for the first time with the image, for dressing, by Sánchez Lozano that is ordered by its president and waiter of the brotherhood Mr. Eduardo Cañizares Spuche, in replacement of which was destroyed, nowadays it is worshiped in the Salvador’s Church. The brotherhood is reorganised in 1971, making new tunics. Founded as confraternity in 1992, under the presidency of Mr. Agustín Guardiola, by the fusion with the brotherhoods La Unción de Jesús en Betania, created in 1985 as a section on San Juan, for taking part in the procession of Holy Wednesday. It is a work by the religious images carver Jesús Azcoytia from Cartagena, in 1987, and the Virgen Gloriosa, by the sculptor Lozano Roca, allocated to preside the Procession of the Resurrected, since 1960 known as ‘Hermandad de los Palomistas’, as it was founded by this sport guild.
Under the presidency of Mr. Pedro García Gil, it is made a new cape for the Virgen Gloriosa in the workshops of Isidora Navarro Cutillas from Jumilla, who, years before, already made the new Confraternity’s standard; in 2003 it is restored the throne of the Virgen del Primer Dolor and it is goldened again, by the restorer Mariano Spiteri. In 2004 it is made the new canopy in the workshops of the Valencian Ciriaco Ruiz. In 2013 it is premiered new sticks for the canopy.


Paso Ntra. Sra. Del Primer Dolor, 1941.
Paso Unción de Jesús en Betania, 1987.
Paso Virgen Gloriosa, 1960.


The Confraternity has no own Brotherhood’s house, but it uses the ancient building at El Pósito for keeping its heritage.


On Holy Wednesday and Good Friday in the morning, with the Virgen del Primer Dolor and the Unción de Jesús en Betania, and Sunday of Resurrection with the Virgen Gloriosa.



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