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On April 1941, Good Friday day, several friends and neighbours of a smae neighbourhood, and before the wish that Jumilla returns to have a Easter Week as it deserves, they decided to form a brotherhood or confraternity which carries the neighbourhood’s name: Confraternity El Rollo. There was too many optimism on the brotherhood’s future, but they never could imagine a success so emphatic as the obteined in the first official session, being left so the Confraternity El Rollo constituted.
In the Easter Week of 1942, the confraternity takes part for the first time in the processional parades with one of the highest quality sculptoric monuments of all the heritage of Jumilla, the Ecce-Homo group. Together to this work by the Murcian sculptor González Moreno, they walk almost a hundred brothers that first year.
Just a decade after, on the Good Friday’s evening of 1952, the Confraternity El Rollo premieres the great sculptoric group El Descendimiento de la Cruz, a monumental processional work by José Planes Peñalver.
Already past more than fifty years from the confraternity’s foundation, the affection and admiration for this one not only has done more than to increase with other three very interesting processional groups: La Aparición de Jesús Resucitado a Santo Tomás (1984), La Negación de San Pedro (1993) and La Elevación a la Cruz (2008). Three stunning works, all them by the Murcian religious images sculptor from Los Ramos, José Antonio Hernández Navarro.
Likewise, and with the aim of preserving and exhibiting to public all its heritage, on the 20th October 1995, it is placed the first stone of what would be, almost two years after, the Chapel-Museum of the Confraternity El Rollo.
In 2011 it is founded, in the bosom of the Confraternity El Rollo, the Band of Bugles and Drums Ecce-Homo, receiving the name of the Brotherhood’s main image, formed by 76 components. The band has taken part in countless contests and processions on Easter Week, as much in Jumilla with its brotherhood, as in other cities in the Region of Murcia and in Levante.


Paso Ecce-Homo, 1942.

Paso Descendimiento, 1952.

Paso  Aparición de Jesús Resucitado a Santo Tomás, 1984.

Paso La  Negación de San Pedro, 1993.

Paso La  Elevación a la Cruz, 2008.


The Confraternity counts with a Chapel-Museum where it keeps its rich heritage, exhibited to public for the whole year and also opened to worship, where it is said mass every first Sunday of each month.


Holy Wednesday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday (in the morning), Good Friday (in the evening), and Resurrection’s Sunday.


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